Conservation Investment

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We believe that long-term investing and ecological responsibility are linked.

Your investments have the power to rewrite the story of the American West for the better, all while diversifying your portfolio and earning low-risk financial returns.

And with your investment comes private recreational access to amazing ranch properties. Imagine arriving at your destination out west. Yesterday, it was a feedlot, contaminated mine, or otherwise abused, manipulated, and neglected property. Today, it’s all yours to enjoy — as you fish the cold, clear trout streams, witness the movement of herds of elk moving across the hillsides, and simply embrace the solace of a secluded retreat. Tomorrow, thanks to you, these lands will remain vibrant with wildlife — a vital piece of the American West kept wild and free.


“Beartooth does what they say they are going to do. I rode out The Great Recession with them and there aren’t many managers that I can say that about. I also love seeing, participating in, and enjoying the restoration of these landscapes. It feels good.”

– Beartooth Investor

Beartooth Group offers investors a diversified portfolio and low-risk financial returns — and so much more.

Long-term investing clarifies your priorities — restoring and stewarding the natural world aligns your investment goals with your sense of purpose. We offer you the chance to invest in something tangible, lasting, and true. You can help protect vital wildlife migration corridors, support native fisheries, combat climate change, and drive regenerative agriculture in the West, all while earning a financial return. Together, we can bring these landscapes to the fullest expression of natural and agricultural abundance and safeguard them from development for generations to come.