Ownership Transitions


You’ve been a steward of the land for years — maybe generations. Through hard work and dedication, you’ve done what’s best for the land.

Whether by choice or circumstance, when the time comes to write a new chapter, we can help meet your immediate financial and other needs with innovative, practical solutions for real-world, complex situations. We can do this in a way that carries your legacy forward and protects the integrity of the landscape for generations to come.


“Beartooth helped me to solve a really complicated ownership situation with multiple owners with multiple competing goals. Beartooth operated with integrity throughout the process and the end result was a win-win for all involved.”

– Beartooth Group Client

We offer our expertise to ranch owners looking for a
creative path forward.

Through restructured partnerships, partial and complete sales, generational transfers, confidential transactions, and more, we serve the best interests of land owners, their families, and the land itself. We can understand and respect property owners’ unique needs, and have the flexibility to structure creative transactions for better outcomes than traditional alternatives.

Our philosophy is that farmers and ranchers are inherently conservationists — we build upon the hard work of generations of land stewards, and preserve that dream of a West kept healthy, wild, and free for generations to come.

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