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Imagine journeying towards your private ranch destination out west…

The moment of arrival brings a sweet catharsis. The pace of life slows and your connection to present grows. The familiar landscape opens up before you: rolling hills dotted with elk, clear, meandering trout streams, eagles and osprey soaring high above, snow-capped peaks in the distance. 

Here, you feel at home — this is the place where you are your truest self, where your life and your legacy meet.


“Having a ranch has always been a dream of mine. It’s a way to protect the land. There are so few spots left. It offers environmental protection. It keeps my kids in touch with nature and leaves a legacy.”

– Beartooth Group Client

We help conservation-oriented buyers find and invest in ranch properties with both financial and ecological value; ultimately to enjoy their best life with those they love, surrounded by the rugged beauty and natural solace of the west.

In our roles as principal investor and buyer’s broker for a few select ranch buyers, we see an amazing number of opportunities sourced from brokers, but also through off-market channels like bankers, appraisers, ranch managers and even ranch owners themselves. Due to our specialization with conservation properties, we are able to source the most valuable conservation opportunities from non-profit conservation groups and governmental agencies. We’ve been finding, due-diligencing, buying, restoring and adding value to ecologically important ranch properties for two decades. We do this for ourselves, and for a handful of others who share our conservation ethos. We support your ranch ownership dreams — with no conflicts of interest, as we take on no sales listings ourselves. And as experts in the art of profitable land investment with positive conservation outcomes, we make western lands a lucrative financial, environmental, and personal asset. 

Our philosophy is that environmental conservation, responsible economics, and wise capital management are interrelated. By restoring vital western landscapes, and protecting them for the future through the right ownership, we invest in our shared wellbeing. We welcome like-minded partners who share our love of the land.

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