Ranch Sales


When the time comes for you to help your clients write a new chapter (whether you are a listing broker, accountant, banker, or a seller yourself), we can help, whether as a buyer ourselves or as a conduit to the ‘right’ buyer.

If time is short, we can move quickly. If you can see a path to making the property more valuable through targeted investments, but the seller doesn’t have the time or money to make those investments, we can help. Most importantly, when you find yourself representing a seller and thinking, ‘Man, I’d like to own this. And, if I did, I’d do this and that and that, and then it would be absolutely amazing,’ we would love to help.


“I’ve worked with Beartooth on some hairy deals. Now, I know that when I have that listing that has some problems that others won’t be able to get past, I call Beartooth.”

– Broker that has completed multiple transactions with Beartooth

With over two decades of expertise, we help brokers deliver unique solutions to clients in need of nontraditional sales situations.

Whether it be through innovative partnership structures, options, lease-backs, or simply a quick close, we offer support for complex ownership transitions. We allow brokers to meet sellers’ immediate financial needs with innovative, practical solutions for real-world, complex situations. We accomplish this while carrying farmers’ and ranchers’ legacies forward, and protecting the integrity of the landscape for generations to come.