Why Beartooth


We understand the land, we understand investing, and we understand people. In a rapidly-changing world, we offer a new path forward — back to what’s really important.

A fresh, but proven vision for private land conservation and investing with purpose. A traditional approach to building and sustaining relationships through authenticity, respect, and trust.

Specializing in the art of profitable land investment with positive conservation outcomes, we make western ranches a lucrative financial, environmental, and personal asset.

  • We believe dedicated conservation of natural landscapes and smart economics are intrinsically linked. We serve the long-term public good through strategic personal investment, filling an important role for the present and future of a thriving American West.
  • We are committed to collaboration, consulting our many partners in the worlds of conservation and government to ensure that each ranch restoration project addresses the best interests of all stakeholders.
  • Decades of ranch transactions and landscape restoration projects contribute to an unparalleled level of expertise in what we do.
  • With professional backgrounds in capital investment, and personal roots in rural Montana and Wyoming, we feel a deep bond with the farmers and ranchers we serve, and can offer our financial expertise with a genuine respect for western values.
  • We offer an effective private sector approach to environmental responsibility, successfully bridging the worlds of nonprofit conservation and for-profit business.

The Beartooth Group Difference

Local expertise, perspective and presence

Decades of investment, stewardship, and land transaction experiences

Driven by a love of the landscapes, habitats, and agriculture of the American West

We see both the positive and challenging aspects of a situation through the lens of opportunity. We are faithful to the long-term interests and wellbeing of all stakeholders — from ranch sellers, investors, owners and buyers, to the land itself, and its wild inhabitants. Leading with honest, open and direct communication while exploring ideal, yet achievable solutions, we connect the world of private conservation and land ownership with the public good.