Case Studies


Tarryall Creek Ranch

Colorado  |  2008-2016

A century after un-remediated placer mining for gold severely degraded the wetland and creek, our cleanup of hazardous metals and mining residue, habitat restoration work, conservation easements and establishment of a wildlife management area now protect a true ecological treasure for the public to enjoy.

Jefferson Island Ranch

Montana | 2012-2014

Suffering from several legal/title issues, years of overgrazing, creek degradation, and a great deal of structural deferred maintenance, we cleaned up the legal/title and structural problems, converted to organic agriculture and restored one and a half miles of spring creek.

Trails End Ranch

Wyoming | 2010-2018

A formerly pristine wilderness, the ranch was subjected to several failed development efforts before we restored the overbuilt and severely degraded property to pristine wetland, creek, meadow and forest habitat, and sold it to a conservation buyer.